IASH 2022, the 17th International Conference on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels, will be held 11 - 15 September at the Hilton Dresden in Dresden, Germany. This biennial symposium will comprise of four days of technical sessions, a commercial exposition which will run throughout the entirety of the symposium and a separate poster session. The latter will provide an opportunity for technical presentations on new and innovative approaches to the definition and solution of fuel stability and handling problems. 

IASH 2022 will benefit anyone with a technical and scientific interest in the development, use, handling and storage of fuels; including fuel quality managers from refiners, distributors and fuel strategic reserves, fuel testing laboratories, research facilities, engine manufacturers, fuel additive suppliers and major fuel users. This is a unique event where delegates can meet with colleagues from around the world to discuss fuel issues that affect every country. At IASH 2022, a wide range of technologies relating to the stability and distribution of liquid fuels from the point of manufacture to end-use will be discussed.

Hilton Dresden
An der Frauenkirche 5
01067 Dresden, Germany 

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