Call for Abstracts


IASH 2022

Liquid Fuels: A Changing World

IASH is now accepting session abstracts for the 17th International Conference on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels taking place 11 - 15 September 2022 at the Hilton Desden in Dresden, Germany. This biennial symposium will be comprised of four days of technical sessions with a separate poster session; a commercial exposition will run throughout the entirety of the symposium. The technical sessions will focus on recent advances in science and engineering related to all aspects of the fuel life cycle, while the exposition will provide an opportunity for organizations to highlight their expertise and new/innovative approaches and products for areas of application including fuel production, testing, use and quality assurance.

IASH 2022 will benefit individuals and organizations with a technical and scientific interest in the development, use, handling and storage of fuels; including fuel refiners and producers, distributors and fuel strategic reserve organizations, fuel testing laboratories, research organizations, engine and power generation OEMs, fuel additive suppliers and major fuel users. This is a unique event where delegates meet with international colleagues and attendees from industrial, government and academic organizations, providing a diverse perspective on the complex factors impacting fuel production, quality and use.

Abstracts are invited for submission to be considered for presentations or posters on any aspect of the fuel life cycle and use, including for fuels derived from fossil, synthetic and renewable sources. Primary areas of interest include papers related to fuel production, stability, viability, unique properties and chemistry, carbon neutrality, handling, storage, end-use and cleanliness control. These may relate to any liquid fuels, including but not limited to gasoline, jet, diesel, marine, burner, and residual fuel oils; crude oils; synthetic fuels, reformulated fuels; and fuels or blend stocks derived from biological materials or other non-petroleum feedstocks.

TECHNICAL SESSIONS are considered but are not limited to the following topical areas:

Crude Slates and New Production Technologies

Aviation Fuels and AVGAS

Fuel Chemistry, Research and Development Marine Fuels
Fuel Properties and Effects Synthetic and Renewable Fuel Technologies
Fuel Testing and Test Methods Alternative Aviation Fuels
Fuel Production and Quality Control Microbiological Contamination/Monitoring
Fuel Supply Chain Storage, Handling, and Logistics Fuel Additives
Ground Fuels - Gasoline, Diesel and Biodiesel  

Please note, the accepted abstracts will determine the final list of session topics.

Abstracts of approximately 250 words, in English, are due no later than 14 February 2022, for both technical papers and poster papers.  Please submit your abstract electronically to Darnette Holbert via the Abstract Submission Form.  Papers based on original, previously unpublished research or studies are preferable, but not mandatory.   PowerPoint presentation drafts are due 30 days prior to the conference for review by the Conference Chair. Manuscripts are due on 7 September 2022.  Presenters will be eligible for a reduced speaker conference registration fee.

Chevron Research Award of Excellence in Honor of John Bacha:

The Research Award of Excellence in Honor of John Bacha will be awarded at the conference.  This award was created to encourage young scientists/engineers to join and enrich the industry. Application for this award is open to current students and individuals up to five (5) years after completion of their undergraduate or graduate degree. The technical scope can include R&D completed during an academic thesis, as well as for technical projects which the individual either led or was a primary team participant following completion of their academic degree.  Recipients will present their paper at the conference and receive gratis registration, air and hotel reimbursement and a stipend for miscellaneous expenses. Details on the award and application process are available on the IASH websitePlease contact Darnette Holbert for further information or questions.