Fuel Specifications

As a means of providing additional information to members of IASH, an initial listing of published specifications and standards covering petroleum fuels has been generated. This listing is far from complete as it only identifies those specifications and standards whose sources were relatively easy to locate. The listings principally cover those documents of United States origin followed by those originating from Canada, then the United Kingdom, the European Committee for Standards (CEN), from NATO, International Standardization Organization (ISO), Australian Standards Institute (AS), Austria (ONORM), Germany (DIN), Indian (BIS), Japan (JSA), Russia (GOST), Turkey (TUPRAS), South Africa (SABS), and lastly Sweden (FSD). Additionally, websites are included for the recently published ExxonMobil World Jet Fuel Specifications, ExxonMobil Marine Fuel Specifications, and the World Wide Fuel Charter. Hopefully, this listing will be expanded to include those fuel specifications and standards from other foreign sources.

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