Welcome to the International Association for Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels, Inc. (IASH)

IASH was formed in 1983 to become the leading association for fuel stability and handling. Since our formation, IASH has held over 15 conferences, attracted more than 2,604 people from 35 countries, published more than 800 technical papers and 181 technical posters, and is recognized throughout the world as the premier forum for liquid fuel technical discussions. IASH currently consists of over 240 members from 30 countries and our vision remains steadfast.

IASH promotes research, development and discussion into the issues of liquid fuel stability, handling and use from detailed chemical pathways, through microbiological degradation and remediation, testing and issues arising from distribution and use. Over the IASH lifetime, we have moved from a world of solely conventional fuels derived from crude oil to today’s reality of conventional fuels, synthetic fuels – including renewable fuels – as well as associated performance enhancing and stability additives. IASH continues to challenge the boundaries of science and understanding in all aspects of liquid fuels.

IASH provides a forum to facilitate and encourage the exchange of scientific knowledge by promoting research and experimentation on the scientific and operational factors affecting the stability and handling of liquid fuels during their manufacture, blending, transportation, storage and use. Our volunteers are drawn from a cross-section of government, academia and industry – and many are world-renowned technical experts in their field. It is our goal to expand the knowledge of liquid fuels in a wide range of topic areas, including:

  • Crude Oil and Its Refined Products
  • Fuels Derived or Processed from Oil Shale, Tar Sands, Coal, Natural Gas and Renewable Feedstocks (i.e. Biofuels)
  • Fuel Additives and Reformulated Fuels such as those Containing Oxygenated Components
  • New Technologies to characterize, test and study fuels
  • Fundamental Chemistry of Fuels and Fuel Additives during Storage and Use

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"There isn’t another organization that looks at fuel oil in the way IASH does, so I attend the conferences to learn and bring back that experience to my company. Everyone is here- it’s a wealth of knowledge that isn’t equal anywhere else." - Carl Atkinson, EDF-Energy

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