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Membership in IASH,  the International Association for Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels, is open to all individuals and organizations having an interest in the stability, handling, and use of liquid fuels. Membership is on an individual basis, not by company.

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Membership Type Cost to Join
Individual Student $100 (USD)
Individual $150 (USD)
Silver (Supporting) Member $2,000 (USD)
Gold (Sustaining) Member $5,000 (USD)


Member Benefits Student Member Individual Member Silver Member Gold Member
Attend IASH conferences and connect with others in your field. X X X X
Members receive access to the IASH library containing all proceedings since 1983. X X X X
Receive the IASH newsletter at least three (3) times per year. X X X X
Connect with other scientists and engineers having interests similar to your own. X X X X
Access information on related technical issues of general interest. X X X X
Receive one (1) employee membership for each $1,000 (USD) spent on annual membership.     2 5
One seat on the IASH Board of Directors, to be approved by the Board of Directors.     X X
Recognition of membership level on the IASH website and Newsletter.     X X
50% off one conference registration (two years of consecutive support accrues to one complimentary registration)     x  
One complimentary conference registration at IASH conferences per year of support. (Maximum is 2)       X
Recognition of membership level during IASH conference.       X

If you have questions regarding your IASH membership, please contact Jamie Reed, IASH Administrator, at [email protected].