IASH 2007, the 10th International Conference on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels
Tucson, Arizona
October 5-11, 2007


Mike Farmery, Session Chair

Keynote Address
Alternative Fuels; Where We Are and Where We Are Going
Mike Farmery, Shell (UK)

Combustion and Operational Characteristics of SASOL Fully Synthetic Jet Fuel
Clifford A. Moses

Evaluation of Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Fuels as Blending Stocks for Naval Applications
Philip H. Chang and Richard A. Kamin 

 DOD Assured Fuels Initiative: B-52 Aircraft Emissions Burning a Fischer-Tropsch/JP-8 Fuel Blend
Edwin Corporan, Matthew J. DeWitt and Christopher D. Klingshirn (USA)

A Laboratory Assessment of the Compatibility of Fischer-Tropsch Derived (ISO Parafinnic Kerosene) and Blended FT-Petroleum Derived Fuels with Non-Metallic Materials
John L. Graham, Richard C. Striebich, Donald K. Minus, and William E. Harrison III 

Blending of Fischer-Tropsch Fuels with Conventional Jet Fuels: Thermal Oxidative Stability
Maria Sobkowiak, Josepha M. Griffith, and Bruce Beaver 

Pam Serino, Session Chair

The Introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel – A Success Story
Bradley D. Oberg

Investigation of Field Problems Causing Aircraft Operational Issues 
Daniel Mertens and George R. Wilson, III

Commercial Marine Diesel Fuel for Military Applications – Risks and Recommendations for the Use of Biodiesel and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel in Tactical Equipment
Kenneth J. Henz 

Long Term Storage of Fuel Oil in the Natural Gas Era
Dr. Josefa Ben-Asher and Sarit Calderon 

Steve Westbrook, Session Chair

Effect of Biodiesel Impurities on Filterability and Phase Separation from Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends
Charley Selvidge

Alternative Fuels and Material Compatibility

Edward W. English, II 

The Relationship Between Biodiesel Stability Indicators and Deposition Tendency, Part 1: Comparison of B100’s of Differing Stability
J. Andrew Waynick, Robert L. McCormick and Steven R. Westbrook 

The Relationship Between Biodiesel Stability Indicators and Deposition Tendency, Part 2: Effect of Aging on Stability and Deposition Tendency of B100’s and B20’s
J. Andrew Waynick, Robert L. McCormick and Steven R. Westbrook

Robert McCormick, Session Chair

Keynote Address:
A Broad Overview of the Status of Biodiesel in the US
Robert L. McCormick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA)

Chemistry of Biodiesel Instability
Jack Burgazli

Oxidation and Storage Stability of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends
Robert L. McCormick and Steven R. Westbrook

Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel – Methods, Tools, and Techniques for Assessing the Extent of Degradation 
Sharon M. Cline and Thomas E. Carter 

Evaluation of Antioxidants on Stability-Related Properties of Biodiesel: Effect of Antioxidant Chemical Structure on Antioxidant Performance 
J. Andrew Waynick, William E. Moehle, Vince Gato, and Steven R. Westbrook

Improvement in Storage Stability of a Biodiesel with Synthetic Antioxidants
Axel Ingendoh 

Vic Hughes, Session Chair

The Use of Electronic Sensors in Field Measurements of Aviation Jet Fuel Cleanliness
Anthony Kitson-Smith and Vic Hughes

Evaluation of Old and New Techniques for Measuring Cleanliness of Distillate and Biofuels
Rick Chapman, Mike Sherratt and Jim Crighton 

The Next Generation Free Water Sensing Technology
Steven D. Anderson and Alex Marshall 

Media Migration from Aviation Fuel Filter Monitors
Paul P. Wells

Determination of the Effects of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) Containing Di-EGME on IP 1583 4th Edition Water Absorbent Monitors
Gary Bessee & Jeremy Tucker

Used Aircraft Filter Analysis –Determining SAP Presence / Absence
Krystal B. Wrigley (presented by Dennis Hoskin)

Anthony Kitson-Smith, Session Chair

A Portable Software Implementation of Chemometric Modeling for Rapid Fuel Quality Assessment
Dr. Robert E. Morris, Kevin J. Johnson, Mark H. Hammond, Kirsten E. Kramer, Jeffrey A. Cramer, and Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson

The Development of Automated Analytical Methods to Predict Fuel Properties by Unattended Software 
Jeffrey A. Cramer, Kirsten E. Kramer, Kevin J. Johnson, Mark H. Hammond, Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson, and Robert E. Morris 

Studies of the Kinetics of Jet Fuel Thermal Stability by Laser Induced Fluorescence 
Dr. Clifford A. Moses and George R. Wilson III 

A New Realistic Laboratory Scale Fuel Oil Filtration Test
Wil J.M. Stassen, Koen Steernberg, Jacco D.M. Woldendorp, Arjen Nieuwhof, Frans G.A. van den Berg and Klaus Schlame 

Measurement of Liquid Phase H2S in Residual and Crude Oils
Mike Sherratt and Andy Woodward, Jim Crighton and Wanda Fabriek

Steve Anderson, Session Chair

The Need for Static Dissipator Additives in Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuels and Recent Developments
Cyrus P. Henry

ULSD – Impact on Fuel Conductivity
Jack Burgazli 

Solubility Concerns with Additives
Paul M. Ryder 

Investigation into the Rapid Degradation of US Navy Shipboard Diesel Fuel
Sherry A. Williams, Richard A. Kamin, Robert W. Fowler, Carole L. Jessee,and Henry H. Zion

Loss of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor Additive During Fuel Transport and Storage
Steven K. Shaeffer 

Determination of Minimum Required FSII Dosage for Use on USAF Aircraft
Matthew J. DeWitt, Steven Zabarnick, Theodore Williams, Zachary West, Linda Shafer, Richard Striebech, Scott Breitfield, Charles Delaney, and Donald Phelps 

 Development of Alternative Fuel System Icing Inhibitor Additives that are Compatible with Aircraft Tank Topcoat Material
Steven Zabarnick, Zachary West, Matthew J. DeWitt, Linda Shafer, Richard Striebich, Charles Delaney, and Donald Phelps 

Update on the Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology of the Isothiazolone Biocide 
Howard L. Chesneau and Edward W. English 

Howard Chesneau, Session Chair

Microbial Contamination Studies in JP-8 Fueled Aircraft
Marlin Vangsness, Capt. Sarah Chelgren, Ellen Strobel, Lori Balster, Loryn Bowen, and Susan Mueller

Investigation of Gene Activation of Bacterial Species Isolated from United States Air Force Aviation Fuel Using DNA Microarrays

Dr. Michelle E. Rauch, Brandon R. Martinez, Jonathan S. Stralka, and Katherine Todorov 

Molecular Systematics and Genetic Fingerprinting of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria in Fuel Samples
Judith White, Andrew J. Weightman, Graham C. Hill, and Eshwar Mahenthiralingam 

Using Adenosine Triphosphate Concentration as a Measure of Fuel Treatment Microbicide Performance 
Frederick J. Passman, Edward English and Charlotte Lindhardt 

ATP Analyses as a Tool to Determine the Need to Clean the Fuel Tanks of Diesel Motivated Vehicles Before Refueling with Biocides and Stability Improving Additives
J. Geva, E. Geissmann, E. Ittah, I. Nakdimon, Y. Sapir, and R. Fass 

Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Kill of Anti-Microbials for Aviation Fuel
Graham C. Hill, Edward C. Hill, Rachael Ling, and Derek J. Collins

Bacterial Contamination of High Octane Number Oxygenated Gasoline
Tao Zhiping and Zhang Ji 

Tedd Biddle, Session Chair

Aviation Gasoline: History and Future
Alisdair O. Clark

Simulations of Fuel Tank Temperatures within US Air Force Cargo Aircraft as part of a JP-8 Replacement Study
Jamie S. Ervin and Thomas M. Bartsch 

Effect of FAME Contamination on Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidative Stability
George R. Wilson, III, Pamela M. Serino, and Melanie Thom 

Customizable, Integrated Fuel Quality System for the Identification, Measurement and Management of Particulates in Aviation Fuels
Phillip Wetmore and Linda M. Gallaher 

Study of the Oxidation of the Main Hydrocarbon Families Contained in the Kerosene Jet A-1
Mickaël Sicard, Christophe Hein, Sterenn Gernigon, Frédéric Ser, Dominique Brodzki, and Gérald Djéga-Mariadassou

Harry Giles, Session Chair

Stability and Handling Issues Associated with Aviation Turbine Fuels Derived from BIO Sources
George R. Wilson, III

Use of a Simulation Model to Evaluate the Use of Vegetable Oil in a New Refining Process for Diesel Using Existing Installations
Cláudio P. Limoeiro, Daniel Barry V. Fuller, Guilherme A. Barbosa, Marcelo G. Tito 

Renewable Diesel Fuel
Frederick J. Cornforth, Joseph Kaufman and George Parks

Transportation Fuel Precursors from Unconventional Sources
Parviz Rahimi, Craig Fairbridge, Ken Mitchell, Bruce Bunting, Tom Gallant, and James Franz 



Fouling Characteristics and Mitigation of Sour Crudes
Dr. Parviz Rahimi, Youngjun David Oh, Remy McNamara, Teclemariam Alem, and Irwin Wiche
National Center for Upgrading Technology (Canada)

Determination of Mercury in Crude Oil Using a Novel Method

Stephen E. Long, W. Robert Kelly, Jacqueline L. Mann, and Harry N. Giles
NIST / PetroStorTech LLC 

Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuels Thermal Stability, Antioxidant Influence and Behaviour 
Stérenn Gernigon, Adrien Aubourg, Mickaël Sicard, Frédéric Ser, François Bozon-Bozon-Verduraz 
Onera (France)

Determination of the Oxidation Stability in Biodiesel and Blends Problems and SolutionThomas Jebens
Petrotest® Instruments GmbH & Co. (Germany)

Detection and Characterisation of Undissolved Water and Particulate in Jet Fuel
Garry K. Rickard and Peter S. Brook
QinetiQ (UK)

The Impact of a Selection of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters on Jet Fuel Quality
Peter S. Brook and Garry K. Rickard
QinetiQ (UK)

Evaluation of a Modified EN 14112 (Rancimat Test) for Assessing Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel Blends
Steven R. Westbrook
Southwest Research Institute (USA)

Effects of Aromatic Type and Concentration in Fischer-Tropsch Fuel on Emissions Production and Material Compatibility
Matthew J. DeWitt, Edwin Corporan, John Graham, and Donald Minus
University of Dayton Research Institute (USA)

A Microbiological Examination of a Biodiesel Sample Over Time 
Capt. Sarah K.C.Brooks, Ellen M. Stroble, Loryn L. Bowen, Marlin D. Vangsness, Lori M. Balster, and Susan S. Mueller 
US Air Force / AFRL Propulsion Directorate (USA)

Fischer-Tropsch IPK Assessments of Fit-for-Use in the Army’s Tactical Ground Vehicles 
Patsy A. Muzzell, Luis A. Villahermose, Brian J. McKay, Eric R. Sattler, and Leo L. Stavinoha

Reducing the Army’s Dependence on Oil: Fueling Tactical Ground Vehicles with an “Assured Fuel” Alternative to JP-8 
Patsy A. Muzzell, Eric R. Sattler, and Leo L. Stavinoha 

 Effects of Potential Additives to Promote Seal Swelling on the Thermal Stability of Synthetic Fuels 
Dirk D. Link, Robert G. Gormley, Paul H. Zandhuis, and John P. Baltrus 
US Department of Energy (USA)

Renewed Storage Stability Limits for Jet A-1 Being Used by the Indian Air Force
Dr. S. Nandi, R. Manoharan, V. K. Sharma, A. A. Gupta and R. K. Malhotra 
Indian Oil Corporation (India)