The 8th International Conference on Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels


Location Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Dates September 14-19, 2003
Attendees 143 Delegates; 40 Guests
Conference Chair Victor Hughes

The Sheraton Resort & Conference Center, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, US, was the venue for the 8th Conference organised by the International Association for the Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels. During the week commencing 14th September, approximately 143 delegates from 18 countries heard 49 presentations in 11 themed sessions. They viewed 17 poster presentations and 17 companies exhibited at the conference. Delegates were represented from the following countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, and USA.

 Keynote addresses were given by Roger Gaughan of ExxonMobil R&E on the current status of Gas-to-Liquid conversion processes, Anthony Kitson-Smith of ExxonMobil International Aviation on the status of the jet fuel supply system world-wide, and Gretchen Wendtland of Buckeye Pipe Line on the operation of fungible, multi-product supply lines. These presentations were well received by the delegates finding them extremely informative and suggesting further topics for future conferences.

The conference program was broadly themed as follows:

  • Green Fuels
  • Fundamental Science & Modelling
  • Environmental and Handling
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Additive Developments
  • Low Temperature Operation
  • Fuel Stability
  • Test Methods
  • Synthetic Fuels
  • Microbiology
  • Fuel Contaminants

There were, however, a number of presentations outside of these categories but still very relevant on issues such as lubricity and safety.

Comments from the last conference held in Graz, Austria in 2000 had led us to believe that most delegates preferred a single session conference because of the attendance conflicts caused by multiple concurrent sessions. We therefore developed the single session format into technology themes rather than fuel themes to try to appeal to the whole audience cross-section although realizing that some technology themes do tend to attract more papers from a particular fuel type. Judging by the results of the post-conference survey questionnaire, we managed to achieve this for most delegates but some would still prefer more product-focused sessions. 

The following awards were presented at the conference:

  • Leo Stavinoha, Consultant for US Army TACOM and former employee of Southwest Research Institute, received the Naham Por Memorial Award at conference.
  • Clarence "Buck" Nowack, formerly a US Navy researcher and currently contracted by the Navy, received the John D. Bacha Award for Sustained Technical Contributions.
  • Steve Westbrook, employee of Southwest Research Institute, receifved the John D. Bacha Award for Sustained Technical Contributions.

Jane Bacha and Jeff Bacha, widow and son of John Bacha presented the John D. Bacha Awards for Sustained Technical Contributions to the recipients.

The Conference Organizers and the IASH Steering Committee would like to thank all of the presenters for their time and effort in producing excellent presentations and the delegates themselves for supporting the conference by their attendance and active participation. In particular, I would like to personally thank the sponsoring organizations and companies without whose financial support we would not have been able to stage such a spectacular event in such spectacular surroundings:

Benefactors: ExxonMobil Aviation, Fuel Quality Services, Inc.; G.E. Water Technologies; NASA Glenn Research Center; Parker Hannifin; Petroleum Analyzer Co.; USAF Research Laboratory; US Defense Energy Support Center; US DOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory; US Navy.

Sponsors: Air BP; Air Total; ChevronTexaco Global Aviation; ECHA Microbiology; Energy Institute; Gammon Technical Products; GE Aircraft Engines; Isotag Technology, Inc.; Japan National Oil Corporation; ONDEO-Nalco Energy Services; Pratt & Witney Aircraft; Saybolt International BV; Sci-Tec Inc.; Southwest Research Institute; Stanhope-Seta.

It was hoped that each delegate made at least one new friend during the week. In these times of international disharmony I personally feel it is more important than ever for scientists and technologists to maintain the international links that we have always had and to further extend them. The worst that can happen is that you learn something new!

Vic Hughes, Conference Chairman/1st Vice-Chairman IASH.