The 9th International Conference on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels Technical Program


Sunday, 18th September 2005

  • Board of Directors Meeting in Mestral 1 Room (Members & Invited Guests)
  • Registration in Hotel Lobby
  • Set up Posters and Exhibits in the Tramuntana 1 Room
  • Opening Reception at Restaurant El Vivero Sponsored by ExxonMobil Aviation and Pratt & Whitney


Monday, 19th September 2005

  • General Session in Tramuntana 2&3 Rooms
  • Welcome and Introduction Steve Westbrook, Conference Chairman
  • Keynote Address
  • New Era, New Technologies, New Fuel
    Presented by Martin J. Rabinowitz, NASA Glenn Research Center
Rick Kamin, Session Chair
  • Impacts of Synthetic Jet Fuel on the Emissions of Turbine Engine Combustors.
    Edwin Corporan, Matthew DeWitt, Vincent Belovich, Terry Meyer and Amy Lynch (USA)

  • Properties and Characteristics of SASOL Fully Synthetic Fuel.
    Clifford A. Moses, George R. Wilson III, and Piet N.J. Roets (USA)
  • Fuel Chemistry Effects on Soot and PAH Formation in Gas Turbine Combustion as Related to Use of Synthetic Jet Fuels.
    Clifford A. Moses (USA)
  • B-Jet Project: Performance and Emission Testing Results Using Blends of Biodiesel and Jet-A in a Turbine Engine Test Stand and in a Flight Testing Program
    Maxwell E. Shauck, Gracia Zanin and Sergio Alvarez, Baylor Institute for Air Sciences(USA)

    Sponsored by Fuel Quality Services, Inc.

Harry Giles, Session Chair
  • Development of Prediction System for Stockpiling Crude Oil in Underground Rock Cavern Tanks.
    Jun Shigeta, Yutaka Kubota, Takao Hara, and Hiroaki Maruyama(Japan)

  • New ASTM Method for Heavy Fuel Oil Stability.
    Helene Buron and Pascal Bru (France)

  • Role of Asphaltene on Formation of W/O-Type Emulsion for Stockpiling Crude Oil in Underground Rock Cavern Tanks.
    Takao Hara, Yoshihiko Kon, Hiroyuki Kumazaki, Kiyomasa Shinbori, and Hiroaki Maruyama (Japan)

  • Accelerated Testing Method of Sludge Formation for Stockpiling Crude Oil in Underground Rock Cavern Tanks.
    Noriaki Yamaguchi, Yoshihiko Kon, Hiroyuki Kumazaki, Kiyomasa Shinbori, Hiroaki Maruyama, and Takeo Hara (Japan)

  • The Use of Environmental Acceptable Synthetic Fuel Oil and Blends Thereof with Crude Derived Heavy Fuel Oil.
    Paul S. Gravett, Petrus NJ Roets, and Heinrich F. Strauss (South Africa)

Steve Anderson, Session Chair
  • Development of New Additives for the Stabilization of Future Jet Fuels.
    Bruce Beaver, Caroline Burgess Clifford, Li Gao, and Maria Sobkowia (USA)

  • Investigation of the Effectiveness of DiEGME to Suppress the Solidification of Water in Aircraft Fuel Systems.
    Matthew J. DeWitt, Theodore Williams, Linda Shafer, Richard Striebich, Lee Riehl, and Charles L. Delaney (USA)

  • Potential Impact of Diesel Lubricity Additives (DLA) on Jet Fuel Quality.
    Clifford A. Moses, George W. Wilson III, Tracy Boval, and Greg Hemighaus (USA)

  • Extended Stability of AQUAZOLE??: A Water in Diesel Fuel Emulsion
    Leire Oro Urrea and Fr??d??ric Tort, TOTAL (France)

  • Reception in Carpa Room
    Sponsored by ALCOR and Shell Global Solutions International

Tuesday, 20th September 2005

General Session in Tramuntana 2&3 Rooms
  • Keynote Address
  • Jet Fuel ? Future Supply Integrity Issues (FSII)
  • Anthony Kitson-Smith, ExxonMobil Aviation International
Cy Henry, Session Chair
  • Thermal Stability of Jet A1 and Model Fuels in Oxidative Conditions.
    Christophe Hein, M. Sicard, F. Ser, D. Brodzky, C. Sayag, and G. Dj??ga-Mariadassou (France)
  • De-Oxygenation System for Increasing Thermal Stability of Logistic Fuels.
    Santosh Y. Limaye, Donald Koenig, Wesley Jung, Robert Morris, and Jeramiah Miller (USA)
  • The Effect of Long-Term Storage on Jet Fuel in Aircrafts.
    Moshe Rabaev, Daniela Shapira, and Josefa Ben-Asher (Israel)
  • Measurement of Key Species and Development of a Chemical Kinetic Model Toward the Prediction of Jet Fuel Thermal Stability.
    Steven Zabarnick, Zachary West, Nick Kuprowicz, Lori Balster, Jamie Ervin, Donald Minus, and Richard Striebich (USA)
  • Correlations of Nozzle Fouling Tests with Laboratory Tests of Fuel Thermal Stability.
    Clifford A. Moses, George W. Wilson III, and H. Stewart Byrnes (USA)

Session 5: MICROBIAL
Graham Hill, Session Chair
  • Microbial Degradation of Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite Systems.
    Howard L. Chesneau and Edward W. English (USA)
  • Investigation of the Hydrocarbon Degradation Mechanisms of Bacillus Licheniformis Strains Isolated from United States Air Force Aviation Fuel Tanks.
    Michelle Rauch (USA)
  • Investigation of the Anti-Microbial Characteristics of Di-Ethylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether (DiEGME) in Relation to its Use Intermittently and at Sub-Lethal Concentrations.
    Graham C. Hill, Edward C. Hill (UK), and Steve Anderson (USA)
  • Characterization of the Bio-Burden in United States Aviation Fuel Using Direct Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Other Analytical Techniques.
    Sarah K. Chelgren, Tracy R. Denaro, Jara N. Lang, Lori M. Balster, Marlin D. Vangsness and Ellen M. Strobel (USA)
  • Stability of Light Straight Run Diesel Fuel, Supplemented with Preservative Additives, During Long-Term Storage in Combat Vehicles.
    J. Geva, M. Shuftan, E. Geissman, J. Sapir, and R. Fass (Israel)
  • Relative Biodegradability of B-100 Biodiesel and Conventional Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels
    Frederick J. Passman (USA)

Poster Reception in Tramuntana 1

Wednesday, 21st September 2005

General Session in Tramuntana 2&3 Rooms

  • Keynote Address

  • Current and Future Diesel Fuel Issues in the United States
    Manuch Nikanjam, ChevronTexaco

John Rhode, Session Chair
  • Fuel Quality Challenges in a Marine Environment: A United States Coast Guard Perspective.
    Sherry Williams and Thomas Gahs (USA)
  • Sasol Slurry Phase??? Fischer-Trophsch Condensate as Straight Run Diesel Blending Component with Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate.
    Delanie Lamprecht, Petrus NJ Roets and Heinrich F. Strauss (South Africa)
  • Investigation of the Anti-Microbial Characteristics of Di-Ethylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether (DiEGME) in Relation to its Use Intermittently and at Sub-Lethal Concentrations.
    Graham C. Hill, Edward C. Hill (UK), and Steve Anderson (USA)
  • Stabilization of Domestic Heating Fuel to Adapt it to the New Requirements of the Market.
    Jesus Delgado and Laura Arrabal (Spain)
  • Use of Synthetic Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Liquid Fuels for Army Ground Equipment.
    Leo L. Stavinoha, Patsy A. Muzzell, Brian McKay, and Coryne A. Forest (USA)
  • Premium Diesel Fuel in North America: How Close Are We? A Performance Testing Survey of Winter Fuels From 2004-2005.
    David Forester, Power Service Products (USA)
    Sponsored by PAMAS GmbH
Russell Strong, Session Chair
  • The Nature of Naphthenic Acids in Athabasca Bitumen and Their Fate During Thermal Cracking.
    Parviz Rahimi, Ryan Rodgers, Alan G. Marshall, Alem Teclemariam, Kamran Akbarzadeh, and Theo de Bruijn (Canada)

  • Developments in Monitoring/Controlling Residual Fuel Oil Quality.
    Frans G.A. van den Berg and J.D.M Woldendorp (The Netherlands)

Session 8: BIODIESEL
Melanie Thom, Session Chair

  • Microbial Contamination of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends.
    Howard L. Chesneau and Edward W. English (USA)
  • Predicting the Swelling Effects on Elastomers of Biodiesels, Biodiesel-Petroleum Diesel Blends and a Synthetic Aviation Fuel.
    Janice I. Hetherington and Stephanie Green (UK)
  • Biodiesel Oxidation Stability by Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry.
    Leo L. Stavinoha and Kathryn S. Kline (USA)


Gala Dinner at Masia Vilanoveta

Sponsored by Parker Hannifin and GE Water & Process Technologies

Thursday, 22th September 2005

General Session in Tramuntana 2&3 Rooms

Robert E. Morris, Session Chair

    • Correlation of Optical Test Methods for Aviation Turbine Fuels.
      Alan R. Kramer and Mark Ferrell (USA) ??? Presented by Ramdane Benferhat (France)

  • Objective Ratings of JFTOT Heater Tubes ??? A Forty Year Journey.
    George R. Wilson, III, Southwest Research Institute (USA)

  • Development of Improved Sensing Technologies to Measure Fuel Quality.
    Kevin J. Johnson, Robert E. Morris, and Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson (USA)

  • Characterization of Fuel Blends by GC-MS and Multi-Way Chemometric Tools
    Robert E. Morris, Kevin J. Johnson, and Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson (USA)

Fred Barnes, Session Chair

  • Effects of Aviation Fuel Additives on Filtration Performance.
    Gary Bessee (USA)
  • Temperature and Salinity Effects on Commercial Filter Monitors.
    Robert H. Becker (USA)

  • The Development of the 5th Edition of the API/IP Filter Monitor Specification.
    Dennis H. Hoskin (USA)

  • Experience with the Use of a Particle Counter in Measuring Fuel Contaminants.
    Anthony Kitson-Smith, Peter Brook, Garry Rickard, Matt Fielder, Shaun Skilton, Steve Dickens, and Vic Hughes (UK)

Lunch in Carpa Room
Sponsored by Saybolt International

Ubaidallah AlGhamdi, Session Chair

  • Aviation Fuel Volatility ??? A Brief History.
    Kurt Strauss, Consultant (USA)
  • The Joint Battlefield Use Fuel of the Future (J-BUFF) Program - Clean Aviation Turbine Fuels for the U.S. Military.
    Patsy Muzzell, U.S. Army (USA)
  • Fuels Effects on Particulate and Gaseous Emissions Measured in a T700 Turbo-Shaft Engine.
    Richard A. Kamin, Sherry A. Williams, Paul Penko, and Clifford A. Moses (USA)
  • ???Arabian Jet A-1 Plus,??? Enhancing the Safety, Cleanliness Quality and the Environment of Jet Fuels in the Middle East.
    Ubaidallah S. Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)


Closing Reception at Pool
Sponsored by Air BP

Poster Session: Monday Evening, 19th September 2005

Pam Serino, Session Chair

Sponsored by US Defense Energy Support Center & US Naval Fuels and Lubricants (IPT)Technical Posters
  • Effects of Aromatic and Sulfur Concentration in Jet Fuel on the Emissions of a T63 Engine
    Orvin R. Monroig, Edwin Corporan, and Matthew J. DeWitt, Wright-Patterson AFB (USA)
  • The Combined Effects of Static Dissipator Additive and Fuel Impurities on the Separation of Water from Aviation Fuel
    Janice Hetherington, Cranfield University (UK)
  • Laboratory Assessment of a Novel JFTOT Tube Rating Technique.
    Peter S. Brook, QinetiQ (UK) and Michael Croudace, ALCOR (USA)
  • Use of a Particle Counter to Measure Water Droplet and Particle Size in an Ideal Fuel.
    Peter S. Brook and Garry K. Rickard, QinetiQ (UK)
  • Preparation and Characterization of Bouri Vacuum Residue Derived Pitches by Air Blowing
    H. A. Elakrami and A. B. Shebli,Petroleum Research Center (Libya)
  • B-Jet Project: Crystallization of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Using a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger ??? Monitored by Focus Beam Reflectance and Particle Vision Measurement Probes
    Michel Delafontaine,Alternative Aviation Fuels LLC (USA)
  • Evaluation of BOTD as Lubricity Evaluator for CI/LI in Synthetic JP-8/JP-5.
    Leo L. Stavinoha, Stavinoha Enterprises (USA)
  • Current Developments in JFTOT Performance.
    George R. Wilson, III, Southwest Research Institute, and Philip Fruin, PAC (USA)
  • Integrating a Field Mobile Lab for Fuel Analysis ??? Enabling the PQAS
    George R. Wilson, III, and Scott Hutzler, Southwest Research Institute; James Doherty, US Army; and Larry Smith, (USA)


Air BP
Presented by Steve Anderson

Presented by Mike Croudace

Arabian Fuels Technology Center
Presented by Ubaidallah AlGhamdi

ECHA Microbiology
Presented by Graham Hill

Energy Institute
Presented Sonia Quintanilla

Exxon Mobil Aviation
Presented by Anthony Kitson-Smith & Dennis Hoskin

Facet International
Presented by Camilo Vazquez Perez

Presented by H??l??ne Buron

Fuel Quality Services, Inc.
Presented by Howard Chesneau

Gammon Technical Products
Presented by Howard Gammon

GE Aircraft Engines
Presented by Stan Seto

Merck KGaA
Presented by Charlotte Lindhardt

Presented by Michael Schumacher

Parker Hannifin
Presented by Matt Fielder

Presented by Harry Giles

Presented by Simon Christopher

Saybolt International
Presented by Rob Ludwig

Shell Global Solutions International
Presented by Joanna Bauldreay

Southwest Research Institute
Presented by George Wilson

Presented by Mike Sherratt

University of Dayton Research Institute
Presented by Steve Zabarnick