15th International Symposium on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels

Theme:  Fuel Specifications and the Impact of Distribution and New Product Technologies


Location: Rome, Italy

Dates: 10 - 14 September 2018

Attendees: 166 Delegates, 32 Guests

Chairman: Pamela Serino


The Sheraton Parco de’ Medici Rome Hotel was the host venue for the 15th International Conference organized by the International Association for the Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels.

There were 166 delegates and 32 spouses/guests in attendance representing 23 countries. Throughout the conference they took advantage of lectures presented on the following topics:

  • Fuel Production and Quality Control
  • Marine Diesel Fuels
  • Fuel Contamination
  • Biodiesel and Diesel
  • AVGAS and Gasoline
  • Alternative Aviation Fuel
  • Microbiology
  • Fuel Testing and Test Methods
  • Fuel Properties and Effects
  • Fuel Chemistry, Research and Development

Like the 2015 conference, the 2017 conference greeted us with rain showers forcing the originally planned outside welcome reception inside. But by the end of the conference, the showers disappeared, and we were able to host our closing reception poolside. The Gala Awards Dinner was held Wednesday evening, 13 September, and was an event which will be talked about for years to come. Held at Villa Miani, our attendees were greeted with a panoramic view of Rome, dined under the stars and were treated to the amazing voices of an opera quartet.

In addition to having the opportunity to speak with 22 poster presenters, our attendees had the opportunity to hear Ortwin Costenoble of NEN Energy present his keynote address, How European Standards Guarantee Fuel Quality, Vehicle Functioning and Emissions.

The John D. Bacha Research Award of Excellence Award was presented to Mariam Ajam for her paper entitled Phenols and Aromatic Methyl Ethers from Biomass Pyrolysis Oil: Implications for Jet Fuel Stability.
Three other young researchers who submitted abstracts for the award were also given the opportunity to present their work at the symposium and also received a gratis registration. They were: Matthew Dwyer, University of Sheffield (UK); Jinxia Fu, University of Hawaii (USA); and Moshe Rabaev, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel).

The Nahum Por Memorial Award was presented to Dr. Anthony Kitson-Smith, The Clouds Network, for his dedication, guidance, and support of the Association over the past several years. IASH Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to the following individuals for their dedicated efforts in the field of aviation fuels throughout their careers:

  • Joanna Bauldreay, Shell Research Ltd
  • Gary Bessee, Southwest Research Institute
  • Alisdair Clark, Air BP
  • Yaakov Sufrin, Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd.
  • Randy Williams, Honeywell Aerospace

On behalf of the IASH Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of the presenters for their time and effort in producing excellent presentations and the delegates themselves for supporting the symposium through their attendance and active participation.

Many thanks to the sponsoring organizations and companies without whose financial support we would not have been able to stage such a memorable 15th International Conference.

Gold Sponsors:
Parker Hannifin
Pratt & Whitney

Silver Sponsors:
AD Systems
Air BP
Shell Aviation
Southwest Research Institute
U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Energy

AD Systems
Air BP
ECHA Microbiology
Parker Hannifin
Southwest Research Institute
University of Dayton Research Institute

Pamela Serino
Conference Chairperson / 1st Vice-Chairperson IASH