Refining Processes to Make Aviation Fuels

20 April 2021 | 10:00 AM ET

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Webinar Description: 
Refining 101. What are the basic refining processes that are used to make aviation fuels? What is the difference between Hydro-processing and wet processes such as Merox and how does this affect jet fuel?

Presenter: Rob Midgley, Global Technical & Quality Manager, Shell Aviation

image of presenter Rob Midgely

 Rob started working for Shell in 1997 since when he has always worked in specialist aviation technical roles. Rob is currently responsible for all technical and quality aspects of aviation fuels for the Shell Group, including leading a team that owns the Shell Group’s quality system which controls the production and supply of fuel from point of manufacture to wingtip. In addition, Rob’s team are quality assurance specialists which assures aviation fuel product quality for Shell Group through inspections and reactive PQ support and since 2012 Rob has been Shell’s Senior JIG inspector. Rob also leads the central Aviation Engineering discipline, responsible for facility and vehicle standards, design and maintenance as well as OPEX and CAPEX control.  Rob also oversees Shell Aviation’s internal research and development programs as well as sitting on a management team that supports the broader operations and technical activities for Shell Aviation.   Rob’s external roles also means he also actively represents the Shell Group within a broad range of committees concerned with aviation fuel and handling standards. As well as being a member of the UK MoD fuel standards Executive Committee, Rob has held a number of other key leadership positions within the industry including being JIG Product Quality chair for 6 years as well as chair of both the Energy Institute Aviation Fuel Committee and also the research group, the Coordinating Research Council. He has also represented Shell within other aviation fuel bodies such as IASH as well as IATA where Rob has previously chaired the IATA SAP Working Group and is the current IATA Technical Fuels Group Strategic Partner Representative.