17th International Symposium on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels

 Theme: Liquid Fuels: A Changing World


 Location: Dresden, Germany

 Dates: 11 – 15 September 2022 

 Attendees: 125 Delegates, 17 Guests

 Chairman: Matthew J. DeWitt

 The Hilton Dresden in Dresden, Germany was the venue for the 17th International Conference organized by the International Association for the Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels. This Conference was planned to be held in 2021, but was rescheduled to 2022 due to Covid-19 related health, travel and economic concerns. Despite continuing global health and economic issues, the Conference was well-attended with a technical level commensurate with previous Conferences.

There were 125 delegates and 17 spouses/guests in attendance from 19 countries. The poster session was comprised of 18 technical presentations The Keynote address was presented by Dr.-Ing. Manfred Aigner, DLR Institute for Combustion. The title of his presentation was “DLR Research for Sustainable Aviation – Sustainable Fuels & Clean Combustion”. The presentation discussed current challenges the aviation industry is facing related to emissions/pollutants, and increasing production capacity for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, followed by overviews of recent efforts and research initiatives for effective near- and long-term implementation and transition.

There were six (6) paper submissions for the Chevron Research Award of Excellence in Honor of John Bacha from the following individuals:

  • Charlie Adams, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Soraya Aminane, ONERA, France
  • Ryma Benrabah, University of Lorraine, France
  • Clemons Hall, German Aerospace Center, DLR, Germany
  • Mark Romancyzk, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
  • Judith Ugbeh-Johnson, University of Cranfield UK

All of the submissions were of high technical quality and merit. The award was made to Clemens Hall from the German Aerospace Center, DLR. His presentation and paper were entitled: “Comparison of Probabilistic Jet Fuel Property Models for the Fuel Screening and Design”. Four of the other paper submissions were accepted for presentation in the General Sessions.

A total of forty-eight (48) technical presentations were given in ten sessions that included the following topics:

  • Session 1: Sustainable Aviation Fuels Implementation
  • Session 2: Processing Technology Development for Sustainable Aviation Fuels
  • Session 3: Improved Fuel Quality Control
  • Session 5: Fuel testing and Test Methods
  • Session 6: Microbial Contamination/Monitoring
  • Session 7: Impact of IMO 2020 on Marine Fuels
  • Session 8: Fuel Chemistry Research.

Part I: Fuel Property Prediction and Measurement

  • Session 9: Fuel Chemistry Research.

Part II: Thermal-Oxidative Stability R&D

  • Session 10: Aviation Fuel and AvGas Applications

Conference Proceedings are available to members on-line through the IASH Library

During the technical program, the first-ever Panel Discussion was convened at an IASH Conference. The topic of the discussion was “Relevant Issues Related to Aviation Fuel Quality Assurance Throughout the Supply Chain and End-Use”. The panel was moderated by Alisdair Clark (BP International Limited) and comprised of Joanna Bauldreay (Bauldreay Jet Fuel Consulting Limited), Moshe Rabaev (Israeli Air Force) and Patrick Bosmans (CEPS – Central Europe Pipeline System). The moderator and panelists discussed various issues related to fuel quality assurance and surveillance throughout the supply chain, potential challenges related to the introduction and use of alternatively-derived (i.e., non-petroleum) fuels in these systems, and impact on producers, distributers and users. There was extensive audience participation and discussion during the Panel Discussion, bringing forth various perspectives from across the supply chain, use and testing spectrum.

The IASH Awards Dinner was held on Wednesday evening in the courtyard of the historic Residenz Castle. There were four awards given at this Conference. The Nahum Por Award was presented to Matthew Fielder, for his leadership, support, and promotion of the Association over the past 10+ years. IASH Lifetime Achievement Awards were given to the following individuals for their multifaceted and dedicated efforts in Research, Development and Use of hydrocarbon based fuels and related technologies throughout their careers:

  • David Abdallah, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
  • Frederick Passman, Biodeterioration Control Associates, Inc.
  • Simon Blakey, University of Birmingham

The Conference Chairman and the IASH Board of Directors are greatly appreciative of the presenters for their time and effort in producing excellent technical presentations and the delegates for supporting the conference by their attendance and active participation support we would not have been able to convene the 17th International Conference:

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Matthew J. DeWitt

Conference Chairman / 1st Vice-Chair IASH